United Nations Association (UNA) David Wardrop Talk the Importance Of Conference About Somali Economic In London

LONDON/HOBYONET)United Nations Association .

Response to the Press Release of the Somaliland Association


The Somalia Open for Business conference to be held in London on Monday 10 December

welcomes all those who wish success in the development of countries of the Horn of Africa. If

they are to succeed, their governments will need to show willingness to cooperate with

neighbors in every way; to build roads which connect their cities, not stop at their borders; to

reduce trade tariffs, not escalate them; to welcome each others’ peoples in peace, not to attack

them. These are the indicators of a mature community.

The organizers of the Somalia Open for Business conference comprise members of the UK

diaspora whose origins come from Hargeisa to Kismayo and from pan-African business

associations who all recognize this reality of life. Cooperation is vital if we are all to succeed.

Therefore we regret the statement of the Somaliland Society which shows an inability to

understand this fundamental truth. Our conference will cover many subjects from agriculture

to health, from transport to youth. Some speakers will refer to Somaliland and the Somaliland

Society has no authority to stop them. We wish good to all in the Horn of Africa and we ask the

Somaliland Society to do likewise.


David Wardrop, Chairman

United Nations Association

on behalf of the organizers of the Somalia Open for Business conference.



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